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Wartburg State School currently runs a Student Resource Scheme for $50 /Student.  

This has been implemented to provide parents with a cost effective alternative to purchasing booklist items through reduced prices gained from the school’s bulk purchasing practises and reduce the possibility of students taking home any unused books at the end of year.
Participation in the scheme is voluntary and is the parent’s decision whether to participate in the resource scheme. If you choose to participate in the resource scheme please complete the attached participation agreement form. In return for payment of the participation fee, the scheme will provide participating students with resources and materials on the booklist, when due for student use.    
If parents choose not to participate in the scheme they will find an attached booklist. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure they provide their children with all items on the list that would otherwise be provided by the resource scheme and ensure resources/consumables are available throughout the year, when required/requested.